Superhead x Lil Wayne

Lil Wayne may be dating Christina Milian, and Karrine “Superhead” Steffans may be married or doing whatever she’s doing, but apparently none of that will ever stop the pair from continuing the love affair they’ve had going since 2007.

In a new sit-down with Vlad TV, Karrine elaborates on how she and Wayne met almost 8 years ago now, and goes on to explain how he is a part of every relationship/marriage that she enters into. She says she will NEVER stop seeing him, and she tells that to every man she meets at the beginning, and they have the choice to take it or leave it. “They always stay,” she says smugly, adding that she doesn’t understand why, because she’d never put up with that from a man. She also “fights” tears of love as she talks…which is just… I can’t.

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We already know her disdain for Christina (for obvious reasons,) so I can’t help but think this was a strategic move – especially after Christina’s recent interview. Either way, it’s clear that Karrine DOES care about Tune as well, and he just may be the most consistent man in her life yet. Watch the interview below, and check out Christina’s response in the gallery.

Source: Vlad TV