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Wait…What? Karrueche Text Messaged Rihanna TWICE This Past Week?

Chris Brown x Karrueche

Well this is interesting! A new report suggests that Karrueche was the bigger (or more stupid?) woman during her most recent fight with Chris Brown, and reached out to none other than his ex RIHANNA for some advice on what to do with him!

“Karrueche has texted Rihanna twice,” a source close to her said. “She identified herself and basically said, ‘Hey Rihanna, this is Karrueche. I know you probably hate me or dislike me. I don’t hate you since we are both connected to Chris, I would love to talk to you about him and how I can help him be a better man. No disrespect, I’ve been wanting to talk to you for a while but didn’t have the courage. Now I do.’” Whoa!

“She has always wanted to talk to Rihanna and make sure there was nothing between them,” the source added.” Karrueche’s always been down to talk with her, but just like that — Rihanna kept quiet.”

I mean, if I was Rih, I probably wouldn’t have responded either. I get where Kae is coming from, but not only is it beating a dead horse…but is Rihanna REALLY the one who knows how to make Chris be a BETTER man? I’m going to go with nah…

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(Video) LHHATL: Joseline Hernandez Finally Finds Out Althea Smashed Stevie J!

joseline hernandez finds out althea smashed stevie j

It is definitely going down in Atlanta between the Puerto Rican Princess and Althea. Joseline Hernandez had her suspicions when meeting Benzino’s new squeeze and Mimi added to the speculation when she claimed to have saw Althea half naked in Stevie J’s home. Now it seems those reports are true, with the new cast member confessing to have smashed the homie. Yikes! To check out a preview, click below.

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(Video) LHHATL Sneak Peak: Althea Confesses She Smashed The Homies To Benzino?!

althea confesses she smashed the homies to benzino

Things are about to get really messy on Love and Hip Hop: Atlanta! Trouble seems to follow the newest lady of LHHATL, Althea. Last week, she got into a spat with Karlie Redd and news surfaced that she used to mess around with Mimi’s current boyfriend. But as things unfold, it seems like Althea didn’t just smash 1 cast member (Freako Nikko). Apparently Mimi’s suspicions, about Benzino’s girlfriend having “relations” with Stevie J, may be true. Sheesh! To see a sneak peak of Althea coming clean to Benzino, click below.

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(Photos) LMAO! Now That Nelly Is Out Of The Picture, Guess Which Rapper Is Hollering At Ashanti On TWITTER!


As the love-triangle (well, it’s like an octagon now…) between Ashanti and her ex Nelly gets more and more complicated, a certain rapper decided to try and get in where he fits in…though it’s very unlikely ‘Shan gives a damn. LOL! Taking to Twitter yesterday, Chief Keef made an attempt to let the sexy songstress know that she’s the object of his affections, but she returned the love with QUITE the friend-zone message! Meanwhile, in the last 3 months, Nelly was back on the road to reconciliation with Ashanti…dropped her to make his other ex, Tae Heckard, his WCW…who dropped him to get with her girl Teyana Taylor’s ex, Brandon Jennings…so he moved on to Mayweather’s ex Miss Jackson…and now Mayweather is dragging her through the mud for it. What. A. MESS! Check out Keef and Ashanti’s tweets in the gallery.

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(Video) Ghostface Killah Does WHAT During Couple’s Therapy?!

ghostface killah says what on couple's therapy?

Things got a bit outlandish on episode 6 of Couple’s Therapy! Ghostface Killah sat down his side chick and his girlfriend, Kelsey, for a therapy session. Sheesh! To check out the video, click below.

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(Photos) Love & Hip Hop: Amina Buddafly Demands Apology From WHO?!

amina buddafly demands an apology from who?

More Love and Hip Hop drama? Amina Buddafly is pretty pissed with co-star Yandy Smith and wants an apology! To find out why, click below.

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(Video) Whoa! Chris Brown Discusses His Relationships With Rihanna & Karrueche…& Guess What He Said!

Chris Brown has HARDLY granted any interviews in the last few years, let alone ones where he discusses his relationship status. However, while at an event for his charity over the weekend, the singer opened up to Hollywood Life about the ladies in his life…and he revealed quite a lot! Breezy said he’s completely SINGLE, and that he remains friends with both Kae and Rih. Kind of contradicts Kae’s Instagram caption from the BET Awards, no? During the chat, Chris also discussed his charity, his new album, the Trayvon Martin decision and more.

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SMH.. Chris Brown Let WHO Move Into His House Now?!?!?!

Chris Brown

Chris Brown is always in some sort of twisted love triangle. Either that, or he gets caught creepin’ with random women and still find a way back into Rihanna or Karrueche’s life (he must have that GOLDEN di…nevermind.) According to sources close to Breezy, he has a new housemate and he’s not charging rent if you know what I mean. Find out which one of C.Breezy’s boos moved back in now!

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Shots Fired! Tahiry Blasts Kaylin In New Interview

Tahiry x Joe Budden x Kaylin

As the third season of Love & Hip-Hop comes to a close tonight with part 2 of the finale, VH1 catches up with Tahiry to get the 411 on what’s going on with the infamous love triangle between her, Joe Budden and Kaylin Garcia. Though it seemed like it was kind of cordial between the two women, her comments seem like they’re not! However, in the interview, she says her music video “Devil” “was just released yesterday,”…so it seems like this is a bit dated. Wonder if she still feels this way?

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(Video) Joe Budden Brought Tahiry Flowers After The Love & Hip-Hop Finale!

Joe & Tah in 2012

Aye yi yi! My head hurts trying to keep up with all the drama! Okay, so as we’ve been watching Love & Hip-Hop, we’ve seen Joe Budden and his ex Tahiry get closer and closer, despite the fact Kaylin Garcia was in the picture. But, we know this was taped a while ago. However, at the reunion last month, Joe did announce that he was single, and it seemed like he and Tahiry were definitely on the road to something because they left the show holding hands! But THEN! Kaylin and Joey took a trip to Miami a couple weeks ago, and were kissing in almost every picture! But now, following the finale of L&HH last night, Joe went over to Tahiry’s house with flowers, and fired up the web cam like the good ol’ days and talked and laughed with the fans. This is a mess! Who do you think he’ll end up with?

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