The world is in an uproar ever since new photos surfaced of Kermit The Frog with his alleged new love interest, Denise.

Kermit and Ms. Piggy called it quits in the beginning of August, so it seems rather fast for one to move on. However according to Kermit, he and Denise are “simply close friends.” He took to his Twitter page to make a public statement in regards to his relationship status.

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Kermit tweeted:

Sheesh. I can’t believe I already have to do this again… Here is the official statement on my relationship status:
“While I prefer to keep my personal life private, this is Hollywood, so who am I kidding? It is true I am dating again. However, at this time no one woman —pig or otherwise — is my official ‘new girlfriend.’ We are simply close friends.”

Well folks, there you have it. I guess we have to join Kermit, sip on some tea and mind our business.

See his new “friend” over in the gallery. She looks like Ms. Piggy but with plastic surgery!