_Jerry Seinfeld & His Friendship With Wale

In an interview with The New York Times, comedian Jerry Seinfeld spoke about his friendship with rapper Wale and the advice he gave to him about fame and life. Find out what he had to say after the jump!

Jerry Seinfeld spoke of only good things about Wale. In the interview with the New York Times, he called Wale a kind and charming kid, who had impressed him way before he heard his infamous mixtape “The Mixtape About Nothing.” Seinfeld found out about Wale through his wife Jessica and he had the chance to meet him during a show. Seinfeld said, “So I had heard his name and then he came to a show and asked if he could say hello, so he came backstage. I thought he was a very charming young man. And then I heard about the mixtape, and he came up with the idea of doing the whole album. It just felt so offbeat and that’s what appeals to me. My wife was a fan and she plays his music in the house all the time. I liked it, too — I don’t spend much time putting together playlists, but that’s what’s nice about being in a family is people just inflict it on you. I absorb it that way.”

He continued, “This guy’s a real artist and I thought he would be inventive and creative with it as opposed to just pilot fishing, as I call it..You know how that little fish hangs onto the shark and just goes for the ride but doesn’t do any of the work?” He told Wale that fame comes and goes. He said, “It’s a fantastic by-product of doing good work, but you have to keep it in its place. It’s like a dog — it’s gotta be trained. You can’t let this thing run all over the house.” Wale’s album sold 100,000 copies in its first week which made it his second number one album since The Gifted in July 2013.

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