Dina Lohan
Dina Lohan is currently trying to sell all of her famous daughter’s prized possessions online via a virtual flee market but Lindsay is NOT with the sh*ts. In fact, Lindz is so outraged that she called the cops to help shut down her mother’s online shenanigans. Dina is apparently selling Lindsay’s artwork, perfumes, furniture, clothing and more to family, friends and random people on the ‘net but the thing is, she never once asked permission to do so.

Although the things Dina is selling seems to be “trash” to most, it’s actually worth MILLIONS due to Lindsay’s celebrity status. Sources close to the mother and daughter duo say that Lindsay has already been infuriated with her mom after accepting a deal to appear on “Celebrity Big Brother UK” and this might just be the one thing that can push her completely over the edge.

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Source: TMZ