(Photo) Paris Hilton Throws Kiddie Rave Charity Event


If there is one person who can’t stop partying it defiantly is Paris Hilton. Staying away from trouble these days but you can catch her turning all the way up all across the world especially Ibiza. This time she put her partying to good use and had a charity event for kids with a Rave theme. Check out the pics of Paris Hilton behind the 1’s & 2’s with the kids.

Yikes: Lindsay Lohan Says She Was Roofied & Did WHAT?!


It’s never a dull moment when it comes to Lindsay Lohan’s life. The actress is claiming that while she was at her friend Justin Etzin and model Lana Zakocela’s wedding in Florence recently, she was slipped a roofie. According to Lohan, when she got back to her villa – she was running around with no clothes on!

(Fellas Check The Pics) OOPS! Lindsay Lohan Almost Has A Nip Slip!

Lindsay Lohan

Lindsay Lohan is no stranger to showing off her t*tties every now and then for the camera. She recently posted a photo to her IG page, almost experiencing a CRAZY nip slip. In fact, I wouldn’t even consider it a nip slip because she has nothing on but some lace panties with her arms “sort of” covering her chest. Okay, Lindz – we see you out here! Peep the flicks in the gallery.

(Video) Lindsay Lohan Finally Off Probation After Completing Community Service


Lindsay Lohan has successfully completed her community service and for the first time in almost eight years she is off probation. Lohan was required to complete 125 hours of community service for a 2012 reckless driving case.

Lindsay Lohan Could Be Facing Jail Time AGAIN


Oh Boy! Lindsay Lohan is just full of excuses when it comes to her unsatisfactory community service performance. Lohan is on probation this time for a reckless driving incident from 2012 and was ordered to perform 125 hours of community service. The actress has yet to complete a fraction of the hours which are supposed to be finished in the next three weeks. Could it be back to jail for LiLo?

Rude: Lindsay Lohan’s Mother Decides To Sell All Of Her Stuff Online; Lindsay Calls The Cops!

Dina Lohan is currently trying to sell all of her famous daughter’s prized possessions online via a virtual flee market but Lindsay is NOT with the sh*ts. In fact, Lindz is so outraged that she called the cops to help shut down her mother’s online shenanigans. Dina is apparently selling Lindsay’s artwork, perfumes, furniture, clothing and more to family, friends and random people on the ‘net but the thing is, she never once asked permission to do so. Although the things Dina is selling seems to be “trash” to most, it’s actually worth MILLIONS due to Lindsay’s celebrity status. Sources close to the mother and daughter duo say that Lindsay has already been infuriated with her mom after accepting a deal to appear on “Celebrity Big Brother UK” and this might just be the one thing that can push her completely over the edge.

(Fellas Check The Pics) Oo La La! Lindsay Lohan Posts A Thirst Trap With Her Nips Almost Showing!

Lindsay Lohan

Actress Lindsay Lohan isn’t necessarily known as the biggest thirst trapper in the world but she can still have her moments here and there, too. She recently posted a photo with her nips almost showing, leaving little to the imagination! Take a look at LiLo’s #ThirstTrap over in the gallery!

(Fellas Check The 18+ Pics) Oh My Gawd! Lindsay Lohan Poses Fully NUDE For Playboy!

Lindsay Lohan

Actress Lindsay Lohan is the latest A-list celeb to pose fully nude for Playboy. Check out her Marilyn Monroe-inspired naked shoot in the gallery.

(Photos) Oprah Winfrey Supports Lindsay Lohan In New UK Play

Lindsay Lohan

As former child star Lindsay Lohan continues her quest to rebuild her career, she received much needed support by the queen of TV. More at the jump…

To Lie Or Not To Lie: Lindsay Lohan Apparently LIED About Having Touched Whitney Houston’s Body Bag!

Lindsay Lohan

As quickly as the rumour and quote spread was as quick as the Coroner shut them down! According to reports, the claim Lindsay Lohan made about having to “roll a body bag for Whitney Houston” was a lie! More details after the jump!

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