R.I.P – Halloween Massacre Leaves 27 Killed In Nightclub


A fiery explosion killed 27 people and sent nearly 200 others to the emergency room on Halloween Eve. Full story and videos after the jump.

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(Warning: Graphic Video) Shocking Footage Of Philadelphia Suicide


A Philadelphia suicide was caught on camera today. Unfortunately, the man could not be stopped before he jumped from the top of a sky scraper. The sound of him hitting the ground is gut-wrenching. Warning, this is a graphic video!

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(Video) This Guy Is Lucky To Be Alive! NYC MTA Subway Explosion


This guy is lucky to be alive! The New York City MTA Subway worker was trying to remove a metal garbage can from the tracks, which caused a huge explosion right in his face! Check out the video!

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(Video) Wow! Woman Brawls In Long Island Over Parking Space And Get’s Her Face Bashed In!


According to the man in the video, the loser in this one sided fight was “running her mouth”. It happened in a mall parking lot in Valley Stream, Long Island on Sunday. One woman was trying to park, but the space was being blocked by a man holding it for another woman. Words were exchanged, and you can watch the rest!

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(Video) Mom That Beat Teenage Son For Participating In Riot Speaks Out


Toya Graham has been given the title “Mom of the Year” after the video surfaced of her slapping her son, trying to coral him into the house, while he was throwing rocks at the police. Graham said she acted out of fear that her son would end up like Freddie Gray, as she spoke with CBS on Tuesday. She said,”That’s my only son and at the end of the day, I don’t want him to be a Freddie Gray.” She went on to add, “Is he a perfect boy? No he’s not. But he’s mine.” Toya Graham is a single mother, raising 5 children. Check the videos after the jump!

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(Video) Gibberish! Iggy Azalea Attempting Kendrick Lamar Lyrics Confuses Fans


Iggy Azalea has been the butt of everyone’s jokes lately. I wonder if she knew what she was getting into when she stepped into the Hip Hop arena. Regardless, she’s definitely been keeping us entertained. Who knows, maybe T.I. had all of this in his plans. They say there’s no such thing as bad press, but anyway, let’s get to the story!(Warning: This video will cause hysterical laughter, which may lead to stomach pains, spilled coffee, or broken phones!)

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(Video) Girl Attacks Mother Then Her Son In a Fight


Girl Attacks Mother Then Her Son In a Fight. Just when I think this world can’t get any more disgusting, I get proved wrong once again. Check out the horrific video of an 8th grader beating a woman then her son in a fight.

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(Video) Man Is Assaulted By Police While In Handcuffs


Man Is Assaulted By Police While In Handcuffs. Coward.. all I saw in that video was a cowardly man who can’t control himself and takes advantage of those who can’t defend themselves. We all know this happens all the time during interrogation but to actually see it is very disgusting.

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(Video) Kid Gets In Security Guard’s Face And Gets Knocked Out


Kid Gets In Security Guard’s Face And Gets Knocked Out. To all you fake tough guys out there that go to the gym five days a week, lift a crazy amount and feel like you can take on anybody or anything.. You can’t. Check out the video below.

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(Video) SMH: Two St. Louis Teens Arrested After THIS Video Of Their Knockout Game Went Public!!


This just goes to show (again) that common sense isn’t so common. Two St. Louis teens, ages 15 and 17, were almost immediately arrested after they recorded themselves taking part in the infamous knockout game. As you know, those that do it usually record it — and that’s just what got the teens caught. In the video, a group of teens are walking down the street alongside their “victim.” Once he turns away, he gets punched by one teen before the other begins to kick him in the head. See it after the jump.

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