(Video) Elderly Woman Takes A Brick To The Face

IFWT_Elderly Woman Gets Hit

A female passenger in her 70s sustained a fractured skull when gang of people threw bricks at the Birmingham taxi she was in, her driver claimed. West Midlands Police is re-appealing for information on the attack, which also saw seven cars damaged during a vandalism spree.

(Video) Bloody Teacher Fights Student At School!


Ouch. Looks like things got a little out of hand at school to other day. Check out the fight after the jump.

(Video) Earthquake in Ecuador


Japan got hit with an Earthquake Friday and Saturday as I reported. There was also an Earthquake in Ecuador Saturday night.

(Video) Kindergartener Threatened By Wooden Paddle


Every parent has different ways of punishing their children. Whether it’s a timeout, grounding them, or an occasional spanking, but this one is a bit far.

(Video) DAM…Man Blows His Leg Off By Shooting A Lawnmower Full Of Explosives…


They certainly do have their fun in Georgia…especially when you own 20-30 acres of land and can hunt or blow stuff up at will. Well, this guy didn’t play it safe and blew his own leg off when a piece of shrapnel from the exploding lawnmower he shot, laced with explosives, came his way…hit the jump!!

(Video) Lol: Man Downs Bottle Of Fireball, Gets Tazed and Pepper Sprayed All At The Same Time


Lol, you’ve got to see this for yourself! This guy…who many are calling a redneck put up a video that went viral of himself chugging a whole bottle of that hard to stomach cinnamon whiskey Fireball and than puts his body through more hell than it’s already going through…Hit the jump.

(Video) Woah…Two Men Set On Fire During Fight In Baltimore


An angry co-worker set two of his fellow co-workers on fire after an argument that sparked violence…this is graphic video so watch with your own discretion. Hit the jump for the full story and video.

(Video) Homeless Veteran Beaten To Death With Hammer Dies After Being Wrongly Accused


The homeless veteran from Philadelphia who was beaten and battered into a coma last April for a wrong accusation made by a child, has passed away on Wednesday. The brutal video of the attack and full story after the jump.

R.I.P – Halloween Massacre Leaves 27 Killed In Nightclub


A fiery explosion killed 27 people and sent nearly 200 others to the emergency room on Halloween Eve. Full story and videos after the jump.

(Warning: Graphic Video) Shocking Footage Of Philadelphia Suicide


A Philadelphia suicide was caught on camera today. Unfortunately, the man could not be stopped before he jumped from the top of a sky scraper. The sound of him hitting the ground is gut-wrenching. Warning, this is a graphic video!

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