(Caught On Tape) SMH! While Vybz Kartel Is Appealing His Life-Sentence, Video Of The Crime Scene Surfaces!!!


It just might be a wrap for Adidja Palmer, better known to the world as Vybz Kartel. Video has just surfaced allegedly showing the Jamaican dancehall artist, along with his other co-defendants from his murder case, at the crime scene. Pretty recently, Kartel was found guilty for the murder of Clive “Lizard” Williams, which took place August 16, 2011. The killing, according to sources, occurred at the artist’s home — where the now-leaked video takes place. Also in the video, one man is carrying a pick axe while another has blood stains on his shirt. All the while, statements like “Mi want yo hold him with a knife and stab him in a him neck and slow him down,” and, “Hold down and make mi cut him throat,” are being thrown around. It’s extremely chilling — considering the background. Check it out after the jump.

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(Caught On Tape) A Grown Man Punches A Child In Broad Daylight And Takes His WHAT!?!?


Sad news for Minneapolis. One man, common with police, robbed an 8-year-old child and it was all caught on tape. The robber’s name is Aaron Stillday. He’s now being charged with first-degree aggravated robbery after walking up to the the child, as he was walking with his grandmother, and punched him in the face before taking off with his iPad. Check out the video after the jump.

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(Warning*Extremely*Graphic*Video) Caught On Tape: Gruesome Aftermath Of A Car Accident


Not sure where this is, or when for that matter, but this is the ultimate example of ‘PLEASE PAY ATTENION’ on the road, people die, and it may even be worse when the live.

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(Video) LOL! Kid Attempts To Remake Future’s “Honest”


YouTube cover master, Daniel McLoyd has been letting his soul glow on a regular basis now. More recently, he just aired out a cover of Future’s Honest that we wish he lied about. Check out the video after the jump.

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*GRAPHIC* (Photos + Video) Elephants In India Were Killed by Speeding Train!!

India Elephants Killed

Whoa! In India, it’s not uncommon for trains to hit elephants as their herds cross the tracks. As recent as last month, a total of 7 were either seriously injured or killed as they traveled. Hit the jump footage!

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(Caught On Tape) Police Shoot And Kill DUI Suspect After Car Chase!!!


After leading Los Angeles Police on a car chase that ended after he totaled his Corvette, an unnamed white male –believed to be in his forties– was fatally shot in the stomach. What the video captures is the end of the chase. Just as he runs a red light, the suspect crashes into the side of a moving Nissan Maxima. Check it out after the jump.

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(Warning*18+*Graphic*Video) Caught On Tape: Hardcore Woman Gives Birth While Standing In Kitchen


O….M….G! This lady is more gangsta than any dude carrying a gun in these streets, as she stood in her kitchen over a towel, pushing hard body until a baby pops out. No dude would live through this!

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(Caught On Tape) SMH: Black Friday Brawl Breaks Out In A Philly Mall And Someone Pulls Out WHAT!?!?


Just one day after being thankful, a handfull of unappreciative Black Fiday Shoppers were caught on tape fighting in Philadelphia’s Franklin Mills Mall. Get this: It took security so long to arrive, that by the time they did, the fight was over and no one was immediately apprehended. The brawl was big. During the fight, one woman pulled out a Stun Gun. Check out the footage after the jump.

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(Caught On Tape) *GRAPHIC* Man On Fire Is Cheered On As He Burns To Death!!!


Classic case of the Bystander effect. It happened on Halloween in West Hollywood. While attempting to light a cigarette, Gilbert Estrada also managed to set a part of his costume on fire. While he was able to take it off, the flames had already began to take over the rest of his clothing. Check out the video after the jump.

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(Caught On Tape) Watch What Canadian Police Do To This Man For Resisting Arrest!!!


Canadian Police get real. Footage shows how they react to resisting arrest. Led by the real-world Paul Blart, they decide to arrest a man for intoxication while he was smoking a cigarette. Turns out that he was let off easy. Police were notified of the man while he was in a bar. One barkeep stated that he was getting ready to fight another patron that was allegedly “keeping an eye on him.” In their report, the officers noted that the man was significantly bigger and also more aggressive than the responding unit. See how they managed to get the man on the ground after the jump.

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