So we’re moving away from guns now to kill civilians, huh? SMFH. Hit the jump to look at what this drunken cop caused from his crashed SUV.

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Officer Nicholas Batka was speeding once he crashed and tried to go in reverse but he just kept going forward. Once, he finally stopped, he showed off his badge to people and tried to run away. Lucky, as he was trying to climb out of the SUV, a pedestrian held the door shut until the police arrived.

You could really feel the tension in the video. Many Brooklynites were trying to treat those who were hurt. Unfortunately one life was taken by this and three others were seriously hurt in this incident. A witness said:

“The EMTs had to get a saw to remove the man impaled on the railing. Another man (looked) like he took a chainsaw to the knee.”

Another heroic witness said:

“I ran over and this girl’s leg was in half. I took my shirt off and tried to stop her from bleeding while trying to calm her. She kept screaming.”

Horrible. So far, officer Nicholas Batka has only been charged with a DUI and has been suspended from the force. Mind you, he refused to take the Breathalyzer test -.- He will most likely face more serious charges and jail-time once the story unfolds. We’ll keep ya posted.