If you love hip-hop like I love hip hop, you will be excited for the release of anything Kid Capri. To our surprise, the Legendary dj will release an album purely based off of URLTV’s Battle rappers. Top Tier is the name of the Kid Capri Battle Rap Album. He put together a compilation of different rounds and classic bars from a list of battle rappers, and turned it into a hit album. Will it be released by the summer?


On April 22nd, Kid aired on the #1 Battle Rap Media outlet The War Report Radio on Sara Kana’s VIP ROOM, and all the battle rappers filled up the lines and air waves thanking the Legend including Ms Fit, Ill WIll, Big T & Daylyte. The Album features everyone from Loaded Lux, to Ms Hustle.

He Stated on War Report Radio “he will not say a date he will just release it.” The battle rap culture is honored to be recognize by one of the best dj’s of all time. Besides his documentary, The Craziest Kid, he has been investing a lot of time in this album Kid Capri states, there are so many people who don’t believe battle rappers can make music so he wanted to produce an album for them.

Capri really built relationships with certain battle rappers and said he plans on helping them transform from Battle Rap into Main Stream Artist. Also on his VIP ROOM Special he gave predictions on the NOME event which he will be attending May 9th at Irving Plaza Nyc, Ny. Stay tuned for more updates on the release of the Kid Capri Battle Rap Album.