On Tuesday April 21, 2015, Secretary of Homeland Security Jeh Johnson illustrated the department’s plan to establish an integral role in cyber security to combat cyberspace terrorism. The agency will open a satellite office in Silicon Valley. Their objectives are to join with tech companies to improve cyber security, reciprocate information while simultaneously recruiting tech workers for government jobs. It is noted that companies like Yahoo, Microsoft and Google, have expressed their discomfort with governments data-collecting practices that seize communications and information, using national security as justification. Homeland Security sent out a confirmation tweet, reading “At #RSAC, Sec. Johnson announces #DHS will open satellite office in Silicon Valley to help save our friends there. #DH SATRSA. Cyber security must be a partnership between government and private sector. We need each other, and we must work together. Sec Johnson #D SATRSA ” (BizJournal, 2015).

Likewise, Johnson encourages his department to work meticulously with companies that are scrambling because he believes the agency’s mobility to acquire encrypted information presents potential public safety threats. Encryption refers to any process used to make sensitive, confidential data more secure and less likely to be intercepted by anyone or group unauthorized to view it. E-mails, files, folders, and drives are several modern types of encryption. Government believes attacks and breach problems have exacerbated and will continue until the computer security world changes trajectory. But, big companies like Google, Facebook Inc and LinkedIn Corp, have signed a letter requesting for Section 215 of the Patriot Act to be amended for reform this year. Section 215 of the controversial legislation that allows government surveillance, expires at the end of the May.
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The department’s move into Silicon Valley emphasizes their awareness of increasing attacks and the importance of their presence, according to Johnson. We all remember the infamous Sony Picture being hacked by North Korea incident. It was a mortifying experience for Sony as executives’ emails, film scripts, confidential employee information and pre-releases of films were exposed to the internet. This attack was the last draw for Homeland Security and prompted the group to initiate further actions. We will remain vigilant to subsequent events.

It’s also cited that financial behemoth JP Morgan and retail giants Target and Home Depot, have been victims and suffered millions of dollars in damages.

Source: Biz Journal