Back in December, 50 Cent inked a new deal with Frigo Revolution Wear for about $80 million. 50 has been pushing this brand since then and you can’t do anything but respect this man’s sense of business.

The brand is a high end line of men’s underwear and it is a little crazy to the everyday person that’s out here trying to get it. The brand of men’s underwear that 50 is pushing is going for about $100 each. For people like me, who are not balling at all, that price tag is definitely steep; but, we all know 50 has the tendency to turn things into gold and I’m sure this Frigo Wear will be no different.

According to WWD’s Aria Hughes, 50 will also be designing a line and he has plans for it to release in stores this Summer. The price tag is set to be in the same range but there are also talks to have a less expensive line and that should be going anywhere from $20 to $45. Ok, that’s more up my alley and they just might get some of my business.

Man, this guy has to hold a seminar or something because as corny as it may sound, his sense of business is really crazy. I’m sure people would like to know how he make’s his decisions to venture into different brands and even how others can learn to invest in the right places. Whether it was Vitamin Water or Effen Vodka, we see this guy continuing to flourish. Spread that wealth my g!

All these ventures 50 is involved in, will he become the next Hip Hop billionaire??


Source: CNBC @50cent WWD