mariota 2

It seems as if the projected team to take top draft pick Marcus Mariota changes every other day as we are within days of the 2015 NFL Draft. The latest team to express considerable interest in Mariotta has been the San Diego Chargers.

Although the Chargers, have star quarterback Phillip Rivers as their franchise player, it’s never to early to mold his successor. This isn’t the first time that the Chargers have shown interest in draft-eligible quarterbacks during Rivers’ tenure. The Chargers have worked four out of the five top quarterback’s in this years draft and some officials around the league find that unusual.

The possibility of trading Phillip Rivers and acquiring draft picks and moving up on the draft board isn’t unlikely for the Chargers. With multiple teams in need of a star quarterback, it wouldnt be hard to shop Rivers around and building your team around a fundamental, high IQ QB like Mariota isn’t such a bad idea either.

Although this week will be filled with much speculation and draft predictions, the selections will be stamped starting Thursday during day one of the NFL Draft.

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