lil fizz

We definitely didn’t see this one coming. Ever since Amber Rose has been back on the market and posting trappin’ pictures on her Instagram, her army of admirers have grown considerably. Love and Hip Hop Hollywood’s Lil Fizz now has hopped on the Amber train. Normally, I would’ve said ‘in your dreams Fizz’, but he’s offering some thing others might not be.

Fizz posted a very lusty photo to his Instagram and tagged Amber Rose as the woman and himself as the man and if you were confused as to what the picture really meant he made sure to clear it up. The caption read “I told bruh, IMA EAT THE WHOLE A$$!!, gotta eat the booty like groceries!”.

Jhene Aiko has started her own epidemic, with her famous line on Omarion’s  ‘Post To Be’ track. We probably should’ve guess Lil Fizz was down though, seeing as him and Jhene call each other cousins. However, what we all want to know is if Amber is digging it. Does Lil Fizz have a chance? Check the gallery for photos.

Jen Mars: Twitter | Instagram