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On Tuesday morning the Supreme Court debated whether marriage equality should be enforced in all U.S states.People rallied outside the Supreme Court House both in support and against same sex marriage.Lawyers and Judges heatedly argued both cases.A man from the audience even sprung up and screamed “You will burn in hell! Homosexuality is an abomination!” He was quickly removed from the court room by security.

Currently there are 37 states and Washington D.C that recognize same sex marriage.
The Supreme court hearing discussed whether each state should decide on there own marriage equality laws or if federal laws should be put in place to legalize same sex marriages.In addition they discussed if states should recognize marriage licenses from other states and even the topic of adoption came up.

DOMA the Defense of Marriage Act was enacted on September 21,1996 under the presidency of Bill Clinton.DOMA took away federal marriage benefits from same sex couples by not allowing them to label themselves as “spouses”.In 2013 the Obama administration ruled DOMA to be unconstitutional.

Two years later the Supreme Court is now discussing the next move in marriage equality.The same sex hearing on marriage equality should come to a close as soon as this upcoming June.

Written By:Daniela Franco
Source:Huffington Post