Kendrick Lamar sat down and spoke in depth about the artwork featured on his album ‘To Pimp A Butterfly’and what it really represents. The album cover which reveals Kendrick and his friends in front of the White House, means more than you may think.

Kendrick coordinated the picture in an effort to take people from his community around the world, that wouldn’t have the chance to do so otherwise. He admits that everyone in the picture is either a friend of his or someone he grew up with. “It represents those without money, that’s rich in spirit.”, Lamar speaks.

The metaphors deepen when Kendrick explains that the man laying on the floor represents a judge. To Kendrick, the people in his community are not bad people, but instead a product of their environment. The judge, in turn, is out of place in calling them criminals because he believes only God has the authority to judge.

Kendrick has always represented something deeper than what meets the eye. This video is only an example of how deep his mind runs. Watch below.

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