The middle east have been at odds with the U.S for quite some time now. As of late tensions continue to grow between both Countries. Will things get better or will it get worse over time?


We’re told that U.S Navy warships will now be escorting U.S cargo ships while passing through the Strait of Hormuz due to raised concerns of Iran’s Revolutionary Guard Corps could potentially seize the U.S cargo ship. Representatives of the pentagon have stated although not every cargo ship will have a Navy warship escorting it through Strait it will change the posture of how things will work with cargo ships traveling through seas surrounding Iran. While maintaining a daily routine through the Persian Gulf and North Arabian Sea the Navy warships will be patrolling through the channels or Iran and Oman so there are not any issues of cargo ships getting from and to their destinations, It was stated that some U.S cargo ships have been hassled by Iran’s Revolutionary Guard Corp. So to prevent any further hassle there will be Armed Navy warships along the coasts or Iran. You can hear more by clicking here.