Big Sean is scheduled to headline at Princeton’s Lawnparties Spring ’15 concert but some memembers of the student body there do not want him to attend. A student at the university, Ducan Hoise, claims that Big Sean’s lyrics promotes violence against women. Click more to read the full story!

A petition has been circulating around Princeton University’s campus in efforts to remove Big Sean from their Spring concert. Though the petition has received hundreds of signatures, it is said that the idea to have Big Sean removed from the lineup is not a mutual feeling among all students on campus. Many of the students feel that Hoise and others that have signed the petition are being oversensitive and unfairly pointing out his lyrics.

As with many issues surrounding rap music and PWIs (Predominantly White Institutions), race seems to take a role in how some view this issue with Big Sean. One student describes the situation as unfair, “The blame often falls on rap, and black men in particular and as a black man, that bothers me,” and he feels that it is only being pointed out because of who Big Sean is and what he does.

Perhaps the saving factor in the case was the statement that one student made regarding art, “You’re hiring them for their music, as soon as you start to draw lines, it starts a dangerous precedent.” Obviously race issues on the Princeton Campus are prevalent because students in the Black Justice League turned their backs on the university’s president during a campus meeting after he describes–in an email–Big Sean’s music as “Vile and demeaning” but minimized the mockery that white students made of the people of the Congo in a previous on-stage performance.

Big Sean’s camp declined to comment or back out from the show, in which they were going to paid for regardless if he performed or not, so it does not look like the petition will be enough to get him off the bill.