One of the most notorious rap group’s photographer wants to sue MTV! Some of Howard Rosenberg’s extremely valuable works just been floating around MTV.

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At least three of Rosenberg’s photo’s been spotted on BET and MTV and these major corporations are both owned by Viacom. Rosenberg had his feuds with Viacom in the past.

Rosenberg claims his pics are rare and include Ice Cube, Dr. Dre, Eazy- E, DJ- Yella and MC Ren. Viacom deleted pictures stolen from Rosenberg but still have not paid a single penny. Rosenberg has further unsettled beef with Viacom and is demanding his hard earned money.

It is always lawful to ask permission from photographers and business’s before utilizing their material. Taking someone’s art or picture without their consent is illegal.. There are copyright laws that prohibit the actions Viacom did to Rosenberg.

Do you guys think Rosenberg will receive justice? What do you guys think? what are your thoughts on copyright laws in America?

Do you think it’s a serious issue if somone’s art or ideas get stolen without consent? This incident happened with Buzz Feed, North Face and a lot of other major corporations. The end results didn’t look so good on the thief’s part. Let’s see what happens with Rosenberg.

Source: TMZ