Now there is a way to stalk your favorite celebrities. Ever wonder what Beyonce had for dinner? , or better yet you want to see the outside of Kim kardashians house? Now you can!. There are actual websites and message boards that post daily updates of sightings of your favorite celebs. for example is a site that shows your credentials , your appearances and pictures of your sightings. This would be Paparazzi’s dream, leading them exactly where to go to get the best shots and best stories. But could this also be dangerous for potential stalkers and predators with not so great intentions?

All you have to do is type the name and there you have it ! You can stalk your favorite celebrities. I tried it out and put in Beyonce, and Kim Kardashian. Each giving me specific details of the whereabouts. Restaurant names in the city and state. Under a picture of Kim kardashian it says “Leaving her apt in NY”. Some things need to be a little more discreet just for the simple fact there are some crazy people out there. Who’s to say some one won’t stake out her apt now whether for her or Kanye.

On the other hand like i said if you are paparazzi or a reporter than sites like these , make your life and job a hundred times easier. Getting the first update on their where about puts you in a good position to be in tune with the celebs lifestyle. But is this site and others like it safe? Looks like another way to Stalk your favorite Celebrities if you ask me. Try it out for yourself there is even a road map that resembles google maps.
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