(Photos) Beyoncé, Jay Z & Blue Ivy Link Up With Kelly Rowland, Tim Witherspoon & Titan

Beyonce x Jay Z x Blue Ivy x Kelly Rowland outing

Beyonce and Kelly Rowland brought their respective families together for a power play date over the weekend, spotted lunching in Hollywood at SoHo House with Kelly’s hubby Tim Witherspoon and their newborn Titan, as well as Jay Z, Blue Ivy and Bey’s mama, Tina Knowles.

What kind of things do you talk about over that table? If only I could be a fly on the wall for that convo full of fabulousness! Check out more pics from their outing in the gallery.

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(Video) NBA: Dennis Rodman Says Jay Z, Beyonce & Others Aren’t Trying to Fix the World Like He Is

IFWT_ Dennis Rodman Kim Jong Un 3

Dennis Rodman’s relationship with North Korea and their leader Kim Jon-un has been the subject of ridicule and plain old confusion.  Many people are wondering how the two polar opposites became good friends and others are extremely upset with Rodman considering North Korea’s volatile relationship with the USA and Kim Jon-un reportedly being a violent leader.  Rodman sat down for an emotional interview and explained what it is he’s trying to do and how it’s affected his life.

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(Photos) British Parliament Leader A Fan Of Beyonce’s Pound Cake?


British Parliament Leader A fan Of Beyonce’s Pound Cake? You know there is a Lot of truth in The Queen B’s Lyrics. I guess she Truly does ‘Run The World’ Any You Truly “Wish she was your pound cake ” and “Wish She was your baby Mama.” Michael Gove, the British Conservative Party’s chief whip — aka a really important dude — accidentally interrupted a cabinet meeting this week when his fancy smartwatch began blaring a Beyonce song.” It was reported that he was so embarrassed that he fumbled with the watch for sometime to try and shut it off. Remember when this would happen in school or in church and everybody turns and looks at you all crazy. Yeah “Michael Gove, got that dirty look also. Find out how Prime Minister David Cameron reacted to this incident after the jump.

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(Photos) Beyonce Threatens To Sue The Retailer Etsy “Bow Down”


Beyonce Threatens To Sue The Retailer Etsy. If the craft retailer knows any better they better “BOW Down”. For those who may be unfamiliar with the online retailer. Etsy is a marketplace where people around the world connect, both online and offline, to make, sell and buy unique goods. Apparently an entrepreneur was so inspired by the Beyonce Album that he/she decided to create merchandise with the “7/11″ singer’s images and typography from the album. Beyonce’s team was not having that and said NO NO NO NO NO. More details below.

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(Video) NBA: Jay Z Doesn’t Appear Enthused As Funny Fan Tries To Talk To Beyonce Courtside


Jay Z & Beyonce were in Los Angeles again last night, sitting courtside as the Clippers just utterly destroyed the Brooklyn Nets. I am sure everytime they are at a game together numerous people try and approach to say hello or try and take a picture so you honestly can’t even fault them if once in a while they don’t appear to be happy to have people coming up to them. Last night Vine funny man “KingBach” wanted to present a t-shirt to Bey and record it for his Vine. When Jay looked up he gave him that real quick “what the hell you want” type look before relaxing a bit and acknowledging him. Even King mentioned it on his vine that Jay gave him that look and it was time to move on. Still funny though.

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Beyoncé & Jay Z Are Over The West Coast…For Now

Jay & Bey

After Jay Z and Beyonce lost the bid they’d had on a beautiful Los Angeles mansion, they’re over the idea of the west coast completely. For now, at least. Sources close to the pair say they were so hung up on getting the house that now that they can’t have it, nothing else is comparing and it’s soured the idea of moving. Looks like they’ll be NYC residents that much longer now.

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(Photos) Solange Rips Paparazzi To Smithereens For Interrupting Family Time In The Park


From the looks of it, Solange is NOT the one to play with– especially when she’s out enjoying a nice peaceful day with her family! Solange was out with her husband, mother Tina, son, sister Beyonce and niece Blue Ivy over the weekend at Griffith Park in Los Angeles enjoying some good ol’ family QT together when they were bombarded by paparazzi snapping away with their cameras.

Solange went on her Twitter page and started sounding OFF on the photographers who rudely interrupted her day. Meagan Good tweeted a compilation of pictures that the paparazzi caught that day, saying “I love Solange she is NEVER with it.” Solange responded by saying, “Man,we should’ve gone to da movies! I wanted those [camera emoji] to BURN.” She then went off on a rant saying, This is why I live in #nola. Family park days much as I want w out the mom in leopard print stretch pants photo’n every pop lock & drop.” We can’t blame her for being annoyed. I mean, I don’t have cameras following me around all day but… I could only imagine that it would be annoying. #FamousPeopleProblems. Check out Solange’s angry rant over in the gallery.

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Jay Z & Beyonce Go On Double Date With Kim & Kanye!


Beyonce and Jay Z were joined for dinner in California with Pals Kim and Kanye. The couples spent about 2 hours together at the restaurant. The date happened shortly after Bey and Jay attended the Clippers game at the Staples Center. They were all careful not to have any photos of them snapped during dinner. Which is a bummer for us, we did a couple snaps of the two leaving and entering the restaurant and some of Beyonce and Jay Z at the game…

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(Video) Beyonce Dancers Les Twins Sucker Punched?

ifwt_les twins3

Beyonce Dancers Les Twins Sucker Punched? Beyonce’s Dancers Are one of the high lights of her show especially The twins from France “Les Twins” They got their big break on Ellen.The two have competed in many dance competitions and battles and have eliminated their competitors across the globe. They have also danced for Missy Elliot as well. Beyonce revealed in one her interviews that she was a fan of Les Twins she was impressed by their movement. “I was Looking for them” They are her right and I guess left hand men.They are self taught dancers they taught themselves ballet, pop locking and you can throw in some contorting as well.In a recent dance battle Laurent of the The Les Twins was sucker punched. More Details below.

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(Photos) NBA: Jay Z and Beyonce Are All Smiles Sitting Courtside at Clippers/Cavs Game

IFWT_Jay Bey Clippers 2

There was a big game between the Los Angeles Clippers and Cleveland Cavaliers on Friday night but a lot of the action was on the sidelines.  Not only were Floyd Mayweather and Matt Barnes engaged in a heated argument, hip-hop royalty, Jay Z and wife Beyonce were also sitting courtside.

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