As to be expected, both praise and the hate was felt after Floyd Mayweather defeated long time rival, Manny Pacquiao. Some liked the show that was put on and other objected. Click more to see the reactions.

Maybe one of the most surprising reactions of the Mayweather’s Championship win came from rapper T.I. It definitely is no secret that these two had some past issues that led to fists being thrown from both sides. This ultimately led to a bunch of back and forth between to the two and did not look like they would ever speak. Well, after Floyd’s win against Pacquiao in the legendary fight at the MGM, T.I. took to Instagram to congratulate the champ. T.I. posts a picture of Floyd with the caption, “Congrats to Cuzz on another W…Preparation+Opportunity= Victory However u slice it…#NeverBeenAHater.” Surprisingly, Floyd responded to the post with, “Thanks for the support! Keep up the good work,” and just like that a chapter of pointless fighting seems to be ended.

There were some out there who felt slightly different about the outcome and presentation of the fight, however. One of those people, in particular, was Oscar De La Hoya. De La Hoya, who lost to Mayweather in recent years, took to twitter and criticized Floyd’s defensive fighting style. De La Hoya tweeted, “Call me old school but I like the fans getting their money’s worth by watching an action packed fight,” and then countered with, “I’m just not into the boxing, running style…” I can’t say that I agree because with a Floyd Mayweather fight, he has never been one to engage in toe to toe combat.

More responses came in disapproval of the fight’s outcome and from one fighter in particular, Evander Holyfield. In a post fight interview on ESPN, Holyfield claims Pacquiao should have been crowned champion because he fought harder, threw more punches, and got the crowd involved. Does fighting harder, not smarter, mean Mayweather should have taken the L in the fight?

With the outcome of the fight, I think it is safe to say that Floyd received more love than hate. People like Chad Johnson, Kevin Hart, and Russell “The Savage” Westbrook had nothing but praise to express to the Champ. Check the gallery to see their Instagram and Twitter posts!