With what turned out to be an amazing MVP race toward the end of the season, Chef Curry a.k.a Steph Curry crowned king of the league for the 2014-15 season. The league’s MVP runner up, James Harden, shared his thoughts on the decision. Click more to see his response!

Harden who definitely was a serious factor in boosting his team and pushing their playoff hopes to the limit while co-star, Dwight Howard, sat out injured for a good part of the season, recently found out he lost the MVP race. James Harden drove the Houston Rockets to a 56-26 record in the Western Conference and this was good enough for second place–just behind Chef Curry’s first place Golden State Warriors.

Harden, who received 25 first place votes for MVP, averaged 27.4 points, 7 assists, and 5.7 rebounds. In an interview with ESPN, James responds to the loss, “thats tough, but we’re in the second round of the palyoffs and I got better things to worry about and thats the Clippers…” As anyone would be a little upset after not taking the prestigious award home but to completely brush it off? I think i recall him saying he deserved it more than Curry?

Well, now that the MVP race is over for the regular season, Harden can focus on the tough task ahead which is getting past the Clippers in this next round of the playoffs. Harden definitely has his sights set on that as well, “…like I said, we have an amazing opportunity in this locker room and I’m not going to let an individual award affect what we got going,” and does not show signs of letting up in his push for a championship. Harden was a 44% shooter from the floor and about 37% shooter from beyond the arch; so pending he does make it to the finals, maybe he will get that MVP trophy after all.


Source: Sports Illustrated