Let’s all just admit that Beyonce’s gown was the talk of the night at the 2015 Met Gala ball. Many have their own opinions including My Neck My Back rapper Khia, who feels like Beyonce got inspired by her style.

Khia has been quiet lately both musically and drama wise. We haven’t heard much from the rapper since her Lil Kim comments back in 2012. However, this morning she had something to say about the Queen Bey and her gown choice at the 2015 Met Gala ball. She took to her Facebook page to post a side by side picture of her and Beyonce, wearing a similar (I use that term loosely) dress. The caption under the picture read, “She f**ks with my style. We might as well collab and Pop P*ssies”.

As you can imagine the Beyhive dragged Khia through the mud seconds after the post went up, calling her delusional. Maybe Khia should’ve kept her thoughts to herself because the Beyhive has a tendency to ruin careers. Khia immediately defended herself saying that the Beyhive attackers “need to get a f**king life”. She went on to say if she and Bey collaborated the track would be an instant classic. I’m not too sure about that, but don’t let them play you Khia!

What do you think, do the gowns look similar? Check the gallery for photos.


Jen Mars: Twitter | Instagram