Ty Lawson averaged 15.2 points and 9.6 assist during the regular season, while the Denver Nuggets struggled and missed the playoffs. Coach Brian Shaw was fired as coach, and it was also believed that Shaw and Lawson consistently feuded through-out Shaw’s tender, causing Lawson to not play as hard as he could. Well now due to some comments made on Instagram, he may find himself on another team next season.


Lawson hasn’t exactly been on his best behavior this year, either, as he was arrested for D.U.I. earlier in the year.

But what may have really ticked off the Denver Nuggets was Lawson’s comments to a fan on instagram that he wishes he was traded to the Dallas Mavericks and would have done a better job than Rondo. Comments that Lawson has since deleted.

Lawson has two-years and 25.6 million left on his contract, which may be look at as a discount to teams looking to acquire the point guard because of the talent he possesses.

Check out the gallery for the Instagram post.