Although it may be illegal, 25-year-old Tyga does not care that his girlfriend is only 17 and we’re finally finding out why! According to sources, Tyga says that Kylie is not only VERY mature for her age, but she’s a multi-millionaire with her own mansion and her own company. He knows he’s technically breaking the law, but he does not seem to care. According to TMZ, Los Angeles law officials do not plan on “investigating” their relationship for statuary rape unless someone has a legit complaint against the two love-birds. In just a few months, Kylie will be 18 and the two can finally admit that they’re knocking boots (although it’s blatantly obvious.) Hey, maybe if we’re lucky she’ll pull a Kim move and drop a sex tape like her big sissy. WAIT FOR ITTTTTT.

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Source: TMZ