(Video) Tyga Feat. Kylie Jenner – Stimulated


As expected, Tyga wastes no time claiming the newly legally aged Kylie Jenner as his own as she gets “Stimulated” in his newest video.

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(Photo) Kylie & Tyga P.D.A At The V.M.A’s !


Once Kylie turned 18 , you could not tell these two love birds a thing. Everyone is trying to pick apart lyrics from his album to see if it was about Kylie, when they know it is. Now everyone has cameras in their faces as if they did not already know they were together. Well it hit national TV today while everyone was tuned in to the 2015 Video Music Awards.

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(Photo) Tyga And Kylie Jenner Fined For Overusing Water During CA Drought


Tyga And Kylie Jenner Fined For Overusing Water During CA Drought. Hop into the post for all the details and photos! #IFWT!

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Tyga Gets Back At His Former Landlord With A Breach Of Contract Lawsuit


Every since he dipped his pole in the ocean of Kylie Jenner, it seems as though Tyga has been going through it. I am really beginning to feel bad for the kid. If it isn’t his break-up with Blac Chyna, it’s his actions with a formerly underaged Kylie Jenner or his financial issues or his music lyrics or his label issues or … well, you get it. Now, he is battling it out in court with a former landlord – again.

Check the jump for the details.

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It Doesn’t End: Tyga Owes Even MORE Money Now For Rent!


Tyga’s financial woes just cannot seem to stop following him!

Aside from his other legal issues, the California-born rapper is now being issued by a judge to pay his landlord approximately $70K for his Calabasas home. His landlord has allegedly experienced many issues in regards to late rent payments (up to months at a clip!) with Tyga.

The 25-year-old, who is currently dating Kylie Jenner, failed to appear in court on Monday when the judge made his decision.

Looks like he’ll just have to stop buying Kylie cars worth $320 for her birthday and pay his rent!

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It’s Official… Amber Rose & Black Chyna Are Getting Their Own Reality TV Show!


It was bound to happen one day but the time is officially here – thick twerking besties Blac Chyna and Amber Rose are getting their own reality TV show together!

All of the contracts are currently being finalized but the reality TV show will be airing on the MTV network. Producers are saying it won’t be a ratchet show at all (nothing like Love & Hip-Hop) and will in fact focus on the both newly-single mothers raising their sons while working and dealing with club appearances.

We’re not sure if either of their famous rapper baby daddies, Tyga and Wiz Khalifa, will be making appearances on the new show but I’m sure it would help boost the ratings.

Will you be tuning into Blac Chyna and Muva Rosebud on your TV screen? ABSOLUTELY!

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(Video) Tyga – Glitta


Check out this visual for Tyga’s track for “Glitta.” Watch below.

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Behind The Lyrics: Did Tyga Discuss Penetrating Kylie On His New Song?

Kylie Jenner x Tyga

This just in: Tyga’s still a creep. If you weren’t already a bit disturbed at the vast age gap between him and his just-turned-legal girlfriend Kylie Jenner, you may be now after you hear his lyrics on one of his latest tracks.

“They say she young – I shoulda waited / She a big girl, dawg – When she stimulated”

These are lines from “Stimulated,” a track off his new #FukWhatTheyTalkinBout mixtape. Listen to a snippet below. So poetic.

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(Photos) Looks Like Kylie Isn’t Satisfied With Her New Ferrari From Tyga So She Decided To Do WHAT?!


Not every normal teenager is gifted with a $320K Ferrari for their 18th birthday but for young celebrities like Kylie Jenner, it is nothing out of the norm.

Unfortunately, she wasn’t 100% satisfied with her pricey gift from her boyfriend Tyga so she decided to pimp her new ride out while she was vacationing over in St. Barts. The Ferrari was originally white with stainless steel black rims but she just wasn’t feeling those colors. She had the foreign whip painted a matte grey with ridiculous looking orange rims.

Check out her car’s new look after the make-over in the gallery. Are we feelin’ it or naw?

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OH.. So THIS Is How Tyga Was Able To Afford Kylie’s Expensive $320K Ferrari!

Kylie Jenner x Tyga

A lot of people have been questioning Tyga’s finances lately ever since he balled out and bought his lady friend Kylie Jenner a brand new $320,000 Ferrari for her 18th birthday. Aside from having a cameo in the film “Dope” and a new reality TV show on MTV2, it seems that T-Raww has more business deals in the works that we are unaware of.

Being that the rumor mill was spinning of speculations that Tyga is apparently having some financial issues as of late, it seemed rather odd that he would drop such serious dough on a gift for his girlfriend. However, it all makes sense because he just inked a deal with Tunes Audio for $10 million dollars!

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