Yikes – Tyga Rearranged His Birthday Party To Be At A Restaurant So Kylie Could Attend…And She Still Skipped!

Tyga x Kylie

As previously reported, Tyga didn’t show up to a party he was set to host in celebration of his birthday at L.A. club Greystone on Sunday night, because they would not allow him to bring 17-year-old Kylie Jenner. Instead, Tyga planned a birthday dinner that she obviously could attend, but apparently – she didn’t show up! Burn.

“The Argyle is a restaurant, which is why he chose to have his party there because he knew she’d be allowed in,” a source reports to E! “Everyone was expecting her. As it got later and later and she still hadn’t shown up, everyone was a bit confused.” Sounds like nothing but a story line for their reality show if you ask me…

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(Photos) Hmm…Who’s This Mystery Brunette With Tyga?

Tyga x mystery brunette

We know he’s out here capin’ for his little 17-year-old boo thang Kylie Jenner…but is Tyga CREEPIN’ too? We certainly wouldn’t put it past him, and he definitely raised a couple of eyebrows when he was spotted with a mystery brunette hopping out of his red Range Rover earlier this week. The woman certainly looks more in his age-range, but she also seems a bit too prissy for the rapper who clearly loves his chicks to be controversial (whether they’re a former stripper, or a high school student…) Do you think paparazzi caught him with a side chick, or is she just a friend/employee? More pics in the gallery.

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Yikes! Tyga Ditches Club Hosting Gig For Denying Underage Kylie Jenner Entry!

Tyga x Kylie Jenner

Although Tyga and 17-year-old Kylie Jenner refuse to admit they’re an “official item,” we all seem to think otherwise. The “Rack City” rapper was supposed to host Greystone Manor, a popular West Hollywood club, but he bailed last minute because they would not let underaged Kylie Jenner in. According to sources from the club, Tyga apparently begged and pleaded with the promoters to let her in. Unfortunately, their 21+ rule was not going to be bent for anyone, Kylie or not. Tyga ended up ditching his whole appearance and pissing off the Ciroc sponsors who were sponsoring the evening. Hmmmm, but she’s not your girlfriend, right? Riiiiiigggghhhht. #WeDontBelieveYou #YouNeedMorePeople

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She’s Single!! Kylie Jenner Says She’s NOT Dating Tyga!!


Kylie said on the November 14th episode of E! News, that she’s single!
Find out more after the jump…

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(Fellas Check The Pics) See Why Drake’s Ex-GF Dollicia Bryan Is SUPER Bad!


There’s been some controversy regarding thick vixen Drake’s Ex-GF Dollicia Bryan after she was spotted getting cozy next to Tyga while his beef with Drake (who she used to date) continues to get more and more intense. What’s the hype behind Drake’s Ex-GF Dollicia Bryan you ask?

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Tyga Gets New Release Date For ‘The Gold Album’


Despite all of the drama with his label, Tyga has gotten a release date for his oft-delayed The Gold Album. The project will be released on December 23, according to T-Raww’s recent tweet. No word on whether it will be distributed through YMCMB, though one can assume so since Birdman said he has zero plans of releasing Tyga from his contract.

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(Video) Chris Brown & Trey Songz Have A Message For The Boyfriends Bringing Their Girls To Their Tour

Chris Brown x Trey Songz x Tyga

As previously announced, Chris Brown and Trey Songz are gearing up to hit the road together this winter on the highly-anticipated (by every girl ever) “Between The Sheets” tour. Tyga will be opening up, but I’m sure no one but Kylie and maybe Blac Chyna really care about that. Anyway, as one can expect, there will be TONS of ladies in attendance, some even with their boyfriends who either a) are really secure and just want to do something nice for their lady or b) are the exact opposite and are accompanying them solely to make sure they don’t groupie out and do something crazy. For these men, Trigga and Breezy have a message for you below.

(P.S. Fellas – here’s a tip. I know it’s not too manly to attend a Trey Songz/Chris Brown concert, but there will be thirsty women by the PACKS here. Go with your boys and have a field day! Thank me later.)

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(Photos) Tyga – “40 Mill” [Behind-The-Scenes]


Remember the other day, when Tyga was arrested shortly before his video shoot for, 40 Mill? Well, although his bodyguard was arrested and hauled off for possession of an unregistered handgun, Tyga has moved on pass the incident and has let us in on some behind-the-scenes action of the L.A. shoot.

Check it out down bottom.

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Yikes! It’s Not Only Kim, But The Whole Kardashian Family That Doesn’t Like Kylie With Tyga!

Tyga x Kylie Jenner

As we reported yesterday, Kim Kardashian is not approving of her 17-year-old little sister Kylie Jenner’s relationship with Tyga – mainly for the fact he used to date her good friend Blac Chyna – but a new report says it’s not just Kim…the whole Kardashian krew isn’t feeling the situation!

“They almost unanimously disapprove of Kylie dating Tyga!” a source close to the family said. “Tyga has known the family and Kylie forever and it is strange that he only takes an interest in Kylie now that she has this minute of fame.” They added that the entire family “are all extremely angry” about that overseas trip they recently took too.

“Pretty much no one trusts him,” the family friend adds. Unfortunately, Kylie “…doesn’t care. She’s just so impressionable and it is really sad.”

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(Photos) SMH…Kylie, Get Your Man! Why Is Tyga Grabbing On This Vixen’s Booty?

Drake's Ex-GF Dollicia Bryan

Tyga went from the completely curvacious Blac Chyna to skinny-minny Kylie Jenner, which left many raising their eyebrows and figuring it’s likely a get-more-famous scheme. While her sister seems to think so too, Kylie’s not worried…but perhaps these new photos that surfaced of her man should at least open her eyes a bit. Not sure where they were taken, but Tyga has his hands all on the booty of model Dollicia Bryan…which could be a move to piss Drake off, as they had a brief fling back in the day. She’s also reportedly had a fling with Kylie’s older brother Rob too so…yeah, just a mess. What is Tyga doing with his life these days?!

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