Your favorite Harlem Emcee CamRon has another trick up his sleeve to add of his list of random yet successful business ventures. Hop into the post to Check out CamRons new line of Mothers day cards! #IFWT

CamRon had just recently hopped on Instagram to promote his latest business venture which is his own line of Mothers Day Cards. The Mothers Day Card features a Lyric from the Dipset Member honoring his mother.

The Card reads “I argue with my mother, spring, summer, fall, winter time”

On the Card also includes a photo of CamRon and his mother smoking a blunt together…how sweet?

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Kill Cam posted up a photo of his card promoting his new venture using the caption

“Mothers dat card of me and my mom (@virgie_og ) now online at www.huggintheblock.com & @americantwoshot in NYC”

Need a last minute card for your mother this weekend? Well nothing is better then a very well hand crafted card featuring a photo of CamRon smoking a blunt reminiscing on how often he argues with his mother. It would be a undoubtedly memorable Mothers Day moment for sure. The Mothers day Cards can be found for $7 on www.huggintheblock.com.