Listen, you know you got it like that when you just lose a piece of jewelry so expensive, but then hands off a bank-roll to the individual that finds that expensive piece of jewelry. Rap-A-Lot CEO, J. Prince loses a $75,000 Hublot watch while enjoying some time in Vegas … a little too much time if you ask me.

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The diamond encrusted piece of art was lost in the airport, however, it all ended well after a good samaritan came forward with the watch.

J. Prince’s security were scouring the airport like mad men, when a young man saw what they were looking for and appeared out of the clear blue sky to save the day. Security surrounded the guy to check up on the authenticity of the Hublot, and it turned out to be the real deal, which is why J.P. rewarded the fellow. Witnesses tell TMZ that the reward was a smooth $500.

Damn, I wish I would have found it. I would have mentioned that a stack is nothing to a boss.

Watch it as the two gentleman are seen exchanging words in the video below.