It hasn’t even been two weeks since Raekwon’s album Fly International Luxurious Art hit the shelves, and the Wu-Tang rapper is already talking about his next project. Raekwon has been going HAM promoting his sixth studio album. In the midst of the excitement, Rae decided to speak up about another project that’s supposedly in the works: a new Wu-Tang album. Find out about the Wu’s upcoming album after the jump!

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During his sit-down with Billboard, Raekwon revealed that it’s possible that the Wu-Tang Clan will release a new album in the near future. Rae claimed that the fans know the Shaolin lyricists will last forever. However, according to the Chef, the business aspect of the process will have to be finalized before they even step into the studio.

“Wu-Tang, like we always told you, it’s going to be forever,” said Raekwon. “Wu-Tang will make another fucking dope album again. I have no doubts and no questions about that. I think dudes just want to make sure that our business is perfect and we can go on and still do what we love to do.”

Raekwon has a history of hyping up the fans by revealing the Wu’s plans. Last year, he confirmed the end of the long-standing feud between him and RZA that stalled the released of the Wu’s most recent release A Better Tomorrow. This time around, Rae seemed more confident about talking about the upcoming album. However, it probably won’t be anything like their one-of-a-kind Once A Upon A Time In Shaolin album, which won’t be available to the public for 88 years.