Sighhs.. You guys think Fetty Wap got a new bae? This might be depressing to some female trap queens but it looks like he is taken.

Twitter: @foreverrhopeful

After recently suprising fans with a switch in hairstyle, The leader of the ZooGang is spotted on Instagram with a new hottie. This lucky trap queen is a carmalized curvy delicasy named Alexis Sky. Pictures were seen on Instagram of Alexis and Fetty. Videos were also posted wich included this duo.

There is some hope.. you never know. Things are not confirmed and you can’t really assume. The fact is Alexis did indeed post a visual picture of her and Fetty in the same bed! That picture is saying something. Alexis stated under the caption that whats understood doesn’t need to be explain. That was a stated from Alexis. It also seems like Fetty is having a heck of a time in their videos together.

Fetty Wap’s fans are pretty dissapointed. I guess you guys cant hate. Just give Alexis her props and move on! Fetty Wap grew like a rose from the concrete. Fetty Wap started with nothing right out of Paterson, New Jersey. Fetty Wap being taken will not stop you from listening to all his latest trap ballads. Seriously.

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