Ne-Yo has to be one of the most talented individuals in the Industry. Writing rhymes for notable artist has given Ne-Yo remarkable stamina! We have exciting news to share! Ne-Yo will be joining the Empire cast!

Twitter: @foreverrhopeful

“Empire” has been most peoples fuel at the end of a long day. Thousands of people have been glued to the television screen because of Empire. I guess great minds really do think alike. The Cast of the show is inviting Ne-Yo to produce for the show! Ne-Yo has expressed his admiration and love for Empire abd his hopes to actually make an appearance. I guess Ne-Yo got his wish. The creator of talent will be using all his energy to create music for the cast.

“American Idol” past judges may also grace the Empire cast. How exciting! This new season of Empire will be consisting of some changes. The season will consist of more episodes and have a spit season. This season will show a couple episodes in the fall and the rest in the spring, Empire will continue to dominate the television world as we know it. I mean Ne-Yo, American Idol and Timbaland? That looks legendary right there ! Stay tuned for the premiere of Empire in the fall!