After Austin Rivers was traded from the Celtics to the Clippers back in January, there was a lot of talk about whether or not the would be a good fit there and even more questions about him being coached by his father and how that would impact the locker room. While watching the Clippers go deeper into the Western Conference playoffs, we are seeing the vision that Doc Rivers had all along. Click more to check the video!

After coming off of some huge games in the first round of this year’s Western Conference playoffs, we are literally watching Austin Rivers grow up in front of our eyes as he continues to gain confidence and find his place in Los Angeles. Rivers has many fans and people around the league buzzing about his abilities and for good reason too. When Austin is matched up against stars like James Harden, we can clearly see him shining.

We all know what happens when an unexpected player begins to have a breakout year and is building a reputation for themselves; they usually get traded (i.e. Jeremy Lin and the Knicks). Rivers was recently spotted leaving a restaurant and he was questioned about his position with his current team. Simply put, Austin is loving his current situation and has no plans of exiting next season.

Austin On Being In L.A.

It seems like he is in the perfect situation, right? I don’t think I would have plans on leaving either. He is already working under his father, a coach that has championship experience, and he is surrounded by some of the league’s most elite players. If Austin continues to show that he has what it takes to be a critical part of the Clippers organization, I’m sure the front office will be able to finesse a contract that works for all parties!


Source: TMZ Sports