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A man has been arrested for trying to fly a drone right outside the White House!!! Details after the jump.

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Officials are not publicly disclosing a lot of details, but It seems that it was a “Small UAV (Unmanned Aerial Vehicle) Air craft”. The unidentified man was flying it about 100ft over Lafayette Park. Lafayette Park is located right across the street from the White House. The man was told to stop and did corporate. An official did say it was unclear if the man intended to fly the drone at the White House or whether he was just trying to take aerial photos.

According to Huffington Post “This comes almost four months after a “quadcopter” drone piloted by an off-duty U.S. intelligence employee landed on the White House lawn. The Secret Service said at the time that the landing was an accident and not a threat, but that incident did led the Secret Service to focus more attention on drone-related security issues.”