Rumor has it, Kylie & Kendall get Boo’d at the awards! Others ask if the boo’s were actually directed at Kanye West because they knew that’s who the Jenner sisters were introducing next. The world buzzed immediately after the awards about how rude certain people in the Billboard Awards were being to the young models. Check out the video to see if you can make out whether its faint cheering or if you can hear Kylie & Kendall get Boo’d .

I find it a little hateful to boo at the two young and inspiring models. Kardashian/Jenner sisters are a reality show phenomenon that no one would expect we would be still be keeping up with for this long. But lets take a minute and be honest with ourselves. People would assume if Kylie & Kendall get boo’d at the awards it is because they are talent less and the world is tired of hearing about their every move. Unlike the older sisters (excluding worldwide model Kim Kardashian) the younger Jenner sisters have a better resume then most of the family put together. Check gallery for pictures of the two at this years Billboard Awards .

The baby sisters of the famous family are models for Pac Sun, H&M ,Calvin Klein , and just about every teen magazine you can think of . Not even to mention Famous designers across the globe that people twice their age would die to model for. Reality is they are the actual famous ones and are doing at 17 & 18 what half of these fake models are inspiring to do. Completely un bothered the sisters went on with their mini speech and introduced their brother in law Kanye West as he lit the whole building up in flames with his performance.

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