Online dating is the new wave everyone is riding in the endless ocean of the online world. Popular sites such as okcupid, match.com, and eharmony.com is for the masses, farmersdatingsite.com for country folk and Tinder for the hook-up crowd, are gaining the attention of many out there seeking satisfaction. And, now, there’s an application for the wealthy called Millionaire Match Pro, online dating for millionaires only.

Revenue for the industry was estimated at $2.1 billion in 2014 as the dating business is one of the fastest-growing US industries. According to research from IBISWorld, there is projected to be 3,900 companies running dating sites. Therefore, it’s a very competitive market and you must have distinctive services for consumers.


Millionaire Match Pro is expensive! The website reads, “members have to specify their annual income and we remove dozens of profiles every day of the week”, its publicist wrote. And, part of their press release is as followed: “the luxury dating site encourages members to upload photos of their luxuries: arts and culture, autos, aviation, boats, electronics, food and spirits, home décor, jewelry, leisure and real estate.”


An endorsement from a site user says, “there’s nothing like driving up the Pacific Coast Highway (PCH) in my Ferrari en route to wine country for a long weekend of relaxation.”

PCH is a lovely road on which to travel. I used to reside on PCH and Loma, so I’m reminiscent. But, I’ve never drove a Ferrari on this road. LOL TATWZA, should we join? Can I afford to join an online dating site for millionaires only? UM….NO!