The child dentist from hell formally known Dr. Howard Schneider was forced to resign from his job as a dentist as he is facing numerous law suits. Many parents have come together only to realize their children have been getting tortured and chocked each and every visit to this sick dentist.

One parent reported that it seems a scalpel had been used to cut her child’s gum from cheek to cheek and was not on any anesthesia. In fact none of the children were under any medicine or any type of anesthesia during any procedure. It was stated that the other people working in this facility would dress up as scary monster doctors to scare the children even more. threatening the children , that if they told their parents they would kill their whole family. Leaving it hard to tell what is going on because naturally any kid cries when they have to go to the dentist, a parent would never imagine this was going on.

The worst part of this child dentist from hell is that he was the only dentist in that part of florida that took patients with medicaid. So these families who weren’t financially able to get a top notch dentist trusted that they would be fine in the hands of this dentist. Facing child abuse charges and forced to close his Jacksonville Florida pediatric dentist office because of what was brought to the light. One parent said what made her realize something was wrong , was when her son came out with bruises on his neck and work done on the opposite part of the mouth.

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