Many were questioning the moves Doc Rivers and the Clipper organization were making by picking up his son, Austin Rivers, as a back up point guard but it actually worked out for them–especially in the post season. Doc recently commented that he would like Austin to stay with the Clippers for next season. Click more to check out the full story!

It is still hard to believe that the Clippers are not currently in the Western Conference Finals after being up 3-1 against the Houston Rockets. The fact that they were up in the series has a lot to do with an unexpected factor in Austin Rivers. When he was needed the most, Austin stepped up to the plate and held is own in his first playoff run. Scoring in tough situations against the league’s MVP runner up, James Harden, he definitely solidified his place on the team.

Recently, #IFWT reported that Austin had the desire to stay in LA and continue playing with the Clippers and it looks like his father/coach feels the same way. Doc spoke on Austin’s contribution to the organization, “He’s young and he clearly helped us, I think we all have to agree with that. I think he loved it here. I even think he liked the coach at times,” and he admitted that Austin was definitely a factor in helping them in the playoffs.

Surprisingly, Doc also said he was not quick to recruit Austin to the Clippers and questioned the decision at times. Doc was not too comfortable with the situation initially, saying, “It was a gamble for me personally…I was on the other side not wanting to do it, and I’m glad I listened to the people for a change.” Doc and Austin have a great shot at making history in the league to become the first father/son pair to win a championship together. That is definitely something I would like to watch and it will be interesting to see what moves the front office makes to get the squad in better condition for a championship run next season.