IFWT_Gold Plated Apple WatchF
The good ppl over at 9to5mac have pointed out that IF you’re really interested in the gold Apple Watch Edition, there’s a way to get it without paying $10k-$17K for a Cheaper Gold Apple Watch!!

Tat Wza

As long as you’re good with it being gold plated, then you can get a Cheaper Gold Apple Watch, A LOT CHEAPER, but it won’t be solid gold like from Apple, so you’d have to be careful not to hit @FakeWatchBusta!!

Also, make sure you don’t turn green from gold plating…some ppl do. The advantages, savings of about a $8900!!! Which for the average Apple lover is completely encouraging, but for the average person, $1100($700 for the metal version, plus $400 for the plating) is still a lot!! If you’re interested, here’s the link to get it done! Oh by the way, they say the plating is 18k, Yellow OR Rose!!