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A week and a half ago, D’Angelo Stallworth, 28 and father of three was shot and killed by Jacksonville Sheriff Officers in Planter’s Walk apartments. The officers were at the apartments because they were serving an eviction notice. According to their reports, Stallworth pulled out a gun and put it to the chest of one of the officers, which is why and when a struggle broke out, and when Stallworth ran down a flight of stairs. After reaching the bottom of the stairs, the officers claimed that the young guy turned around, and because they had been afraid for their lives, they shot and killed him. However, the Stallworth family attorney, Eric Block has recently received the results of an independent autopsy, and well, someone was lying about the way things went down.

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“It would be kind of be nice to hear what they have to say and whatever they have to say they’ve said it. Assuming they’ve said anything. And if not, then tell us that,” said Block about the sheriff’s office. However, they would not respond due to it being an active investigation.

“As far as we know, the Duval County medical examiner could agree with them, but we don’t know. We didn’t want it to seem that if the Duval County medical examiner said something different that we went out to find a doctor to say something different. That’s why we’re saying, here’s what our doctor says,” Block said.

According to the autopsy, Stallworth did not turn around at the bottom of the steps like police said, but rather he was shot in the back at a downward motion. The autopsy has not been released yet, but Block assures that the doctor is licensed, and works in the pathology.

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