Once Baltimore State Attorney Marilyn Mosby brought charges to the six police officers involved in the death of Freddie Gray, the Fraternal Order of Police immediately showed their disapproval of the charges as well as their call for Mosby to be removed from the case. As summer approaches in Baltimore City, crime rates are rising but it seems like police are taking less and less action against it. Click more to read the full story!

The death of Freddie Gray sparked a movement to refine policing in Baltimore City. This movement was initiated by the protests that took place throughout the city following Gray’s death but was overshadowed by the riots that engulfed Baltimore. Police made a number of arrests during the riots and it seems that the peace was restored for sometime once the officers involved were charged. However, policing throughout the city currently seems much more lax than usual and it is definitely intentional.

According to the president of the Baltimore Police Union, criminals in Baltimore are now “taking advantage” of the fact that six officers were charged in the death of Freddie Gray and as a result, they are not showing respect to officers and crimes are getting out of control. More surprisingly though the president of the union says, “Police are under siege in every quarter. They are more afraid of going to jail for doing their jobs properly than they are of getting shot on duty,” and seems to justify police not doing their jobs in these high crime areas.

I find it funny that these conclusions about respecting officers are just now being drawn, when nine times out of ten, that has been the case all along in Baltimore City. To me, it seems that police are letting the violence run high because they want to make the city’s continued unrest seem like the fault of State Attorney Mosby. It is unfortunate that the police that were involved in the death of man that was in their custody are being held accountable, yet the police union can see this as unfair and ultimately are letting a city burn right before their eyes.


Source: Baltimore Sun