Drake dropped a pretty unexpected freestyle the other night on stage at his Jungle Tour and everyone has been talking about it since. Well some may just look at it as a few stray bars, but Did Drake say that Cash Money stole from him? Is That Why Drake Is Leaving Cash Money? Hop into the post to find out. #IFWT!!

Just the other night in Detroit on Drake’s ‘Jungle Tour’, Drake Spit interesting acapella freestyle where he took a few stray shots at Cash Money records.

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Here is what Drake had to say in his infamous live freestyle in Detroit

“Had n****s tell me to my face how we were family and how they loved me / Why they was skimming off the budget / Now when I see ’em [allegedly Cash Money], they’re the ones acting funny…”

Well, there’s one of two things going on

1. He could be speaking on his peers. Claiming that whole “Drizzy your my bro for life” type of thing but when it comes to those being in Drake’s need it becomes all money talk.


2. He is in fact talking about Cash Money, having the same problems that many other artists such as Tyga , Turk of the Hot boys, Lil Wayne and more are having.

Almost all of the heavyweight star artists from that camp are speaking out except for Nicki Minaj and that makes us wonder what her situation is looking like (if you ask me I see Nicki Minaj leaving Cash Money and joining Roc Nation.)

I don’t care how big of a Drake Fan you are, you sort of cant even feel bad anymore, because the series of stories about how Birdman has been screwing over artists is sort of infinite. But hey, that’s easy to say from the outside looking in right?

How Do YOU guys see it? Sound off in the comments! #IFWT!!!!

Make sure you check out the Drizzy Freestyle below to get ahold of everything he got to say on stage. It’s actually pretty dope. #IFWT!!!!