Think about your favorite artist. Now think of how amazing it would be to rap on stage with them. I’m not saying rap your own lyrics but rap with your favorite rapper to their lyrics. One Kendrick Lamar fan got the chance in a lifetime to go on stage with him and rap his lyrics to “m.A.A.d city” but she steals the show!

Kendrick Lamar shut down the Sweetlife Festival in Columbia, Maryland. In the middle of Kendrick Lamar’s set he decided to do something different. Kendrick invited a female fan on stage to rap the lyrics to his “m.A.A.d City”. Maybe Kendrick didn’t plan it all right out because his fan stole his show!

Before the song drops Kendrick tries to warn the girl about the song and assure her that he will be right there to back her up.

“Now this shit gets tricky, you have to keep your mic up. You might get a little winded but keep going ima follow you”.

Kendrick tells the fan.

The fan did the unexpected and took the mic and amped the crowd up rapping all the words not missing a beat and and not letting Kendrick get his own rap in! The crowd went into a roar of screams when the female fan started jumping all around and spitting out the verses like they where her own.

Kendrick has a lot of tricks up his sleeves with the release of his new LP “To Pimp A Butterfly” and number 1 record on Billboard “Bad Blood” with Taylor Swift. This is just the beginning of Kendrick’s comeback.

Chantel.Ciera: Twitter