Fetty Wap is having a great week. The New Jersey rapper was just named one of the year’s XXL Freshman Class members, his hit single ‘Trap Queen’ was covered by Ed Sheeran for The Tonight Show, and he bought his mother a house but it gets better. It seems that Fetty Wap has earned the respect of hip hop legend Busta Rhymes. Check out the video and more details after the jump.

Recently, Busta Rhymes was in New York to celebrate his son T’ziah Wood-Smith’s graduation from Quinnipiac University. Busta got on stage with Fetty Wap and made an annoucement to the crowd. He said, “Let me tell you something. I will beat a n**** up for Fetty Wap. Beat the sh*t out of a n**** for Fetty Wap. I aint no b*tch!”

Talk about having the best week ever! Check out the video below.

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Source VladTV