We all knew it wouldn’t take long for Richard Sherman to respond to the criticism Jets Corner back Antonio Cromartie threw his way. Sherman considers himself the best Corner in the league and won’t allow anybody to tell him any different.


Heres what Sherman had to say:

That was unfortunate. You would think after me helping him get a Pro Bowl bid [for the 2014 season] … We went to the Super Bowl and he wouldn’t have made it to the Pro Bowl otherwise. And now he’s talking bad.

I think it’s just one of those things that it’s the ignorance of the public. How many great left tackles do you see switching to the right side because a great D-end switches to the right side? You don’t see it.

Great players stay on their side and do what they’re supposed to do. How many guys have you seen switching from side to side on a No. 1 defense? You’ve never seen it. We’re the No. 1 defense for a reason. Who coaches a No. 1 defense to be worse?

Sherman makes a very good point: its hard to criticize someone when he plays on the best pass defense in the league. Sherman graduated from Stanford, an ivy league school, so he is extremely bright and knows when to use his words and when to stay back a bit. Sherman didn’t seem to be too offended or defensive about Cromartie’s comments and just held his ground for the most part.

At the same time Sherman and Cromartie both play on defense, so we’ll probably never see them matchup so these words will probably lead to no where, especially in training camp.