Like a bawse. Following his own bail and release, Rick Ross decided to double back around to bail out some of newly-found prison buddies.

“Met some real ni**as last night. When I bonded out, I bonded them out too. #Boss #BailMoney,” he tweeted. Bail money, he got it.


Rick Ross, like The Game is “fresh out.” The first thing he decides to do is get a “fresh cut.” Check out the gallery for the line-up. LOL!


The [Un]touchable empire leader, Rick Ross has been arrested on drug charges. Find out the details down bottom.

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I know how they do tinted windows in New Jersey, so this is no surprise. Rick Ross was pulled over by Fayette County, Georgia police for having tinted windows on his Bentley – as if the Bentley wouldn’t get enough attention. Upon approaching the vehicle, police smelled heavy marijuana, which was probable cause for them to search – without a warrant. Apparently, there was enough Mary Jane found to get high for a full day. Five “marijuana cigarettes,” the police told TMZ.

So far, there has been no word from the MMG camp.

Check out the gallery for more.

Must be the month of June, because last year around this time, Rozay was arrested in North Carolina on drug charges as well. I mean, the amount of supply will determine how large an issue this will be for him legally.