New Cancer Treatment With 80-Percent Success Rate On Fast Track For U.S. Approval

There is now a new drug with no side effects nd an 80 percent success rate in treating patients that has gotten fast track approval in the U.S. The drug is called Venetoclax. Venetoclax uses the immune system to attack cancer cells.

Florida Rappers Rob And Kill A Drug Dealer Just To Flash His Money At A Show

Joseph Brandon, Jonathan Felix, and Dylan Kindred, who also go by, Waxx, Killa, and DK, were recently arrested after they allegedly robbed and killed Tyler Macklin over $300. The young men were rappers. They used the money to flash at a club they were performing at.

(Video) Martin Shkreli Speaks On Raising Drug Prices And Being The World’s Villain

In case you are unfamiliar with Martin Shkreli, he’s the guy who bought Wu Tang Clan’s latest one copy album – Once Upon A Time in Shaolin. Oh, and he’s also the guy was raised the price of drugs to help treat AIDS by 5000%. Here’s an in depth interview below on Shkreli – and his choices. Hit the jump.

Colombian Warlord Gets 16 Years For Major Drug-Trafficking

An ex Columbian paramilitary leader gets busted by the U.S and sentenced for 16 years in federal prison. Read the full story after the jump.

(Photos) Dam, Tough L To Take: Tunnel Busted From Mexico to California With 10 Tons of Marijuana

In case some may have forgotten, marijuana is still illegal in some areas and trafficking it to and out the country is definitely not excluded from that. Mexican authorities discovered a cross-border drug tunnel spanning from Tijuana, Mexico, to San Diego, Calif., where they confiscated at least 10 tons of marijuana. The way it was structured was actually highly impressive to be honest, unbelievable actually. Read more to see how it all went down

Hillary Clinton Fundraiser In NYC Was Hosted By Convicted Drug Dealer

This past Thursday, Hillary Clinton attended a New York City fundraising event hosted for her by a convicted drug dealer.

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