In case you are unfamiliar with Martin Shkreli, he’s the guy who bought Wu Tang Clan’s latest one copy album – Once Upon A Time in Shaolin. Oh, and he’s also the guy was raised the price of drugs to help treat AIDS by 5000%. Here’s an in depth interview below on Shkreli – and his choices. Hit the jump.


Here’s a briefing on Shkreli:

Martin Shkreli – a 32-year-old entrepreneur and company builder who is about money. He grew up as the son of two janitors in Sheepshead Bay, Brooklyn, worked his way into the hedge fund industry, and is now worth at least $45 million. He started off becoming a multi-millionaire by betting against the pharmaceutical industry, but as of 2012 he switched up to supporting the industry. Follow the dollar signs….

In August 2015, one of his companies acquired the rights to a drug that treats an infection that effects people with AIDS and other immunodeficiencies. Over night, he raised the price per pill by more than 5000%, starting at around 7.00$ to over 700$ per pill and quickly catapulting himself into villain superstardom based on capitalistic greed.

Shkreli embraced his villainous image, always appearing over bearing and arrogant when asked upon his decision to screw over people royally if they were conflicted with the AIDS disease. He’s also invested in an independent record label, claimed he would bail Bobby Shmurda out of jail finally by posting a multi million dollar bond, and also acquired Wu Tang’s singular album Once Upon A Time In Shaolin for $2 Million.

In December, Shkreli was indicted on securities fraud charges and is now under investigation by Congress and the Federal Trade Commission for his devilish and unruly acts.

VICE has the interview at his midtown apartment: