It must be said, some people are just dumb as s**t; LaQuanda Newby, 25, is one of those people. The Virginian mother (I guess) of two children, six and one, left the two young ones in a hot car to tend to a court charge of child abuse … FOR LEAVING HER KIDS IN A HOT CAR!!!

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On May 26, Newby allegedly left her children in the hot car to shop inside of a Sam’s Club. A 911 call was made, and after their arrival, the young woman was already standing next to her vehicle. Because they did not witness the kids being unattended, police could not arrest her. However, they swore out a warrant for Newby to turn herself in.

Upon turning herself in, she left her kids – AGAIN – in the courthouse’s parking lot with windows up and temperature up even higher; 90s. Video footage shows that she left the kids in the car for over an hour. Dumb as hell.

Newby was booked, denied bond and the kids are now with their father.

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I don’t know who should get the ‘dumbest’ award, Virginia mom, LaQuanda Newby or Arizona mom, Shanesha Taylor.