Rash of Violence Plagues Holiday Weekend

Chicago residents are staying vigiliant as they commute on the expressways in the city. Only six months into the year of 2015, there’s a rise in expressway shootings.

So far in 2015, Chicago has 20 expressway shootings compared to 19 shootings in 2014 and 16 shootings in 2013.

Illinois State Police said, through June 12, there have been at least 19 shootings on Chicago area expressways — five on the Dan Ryan Expressway, five on the Eisenhower Expressway, four on the Stevenson Expressway, two on Interstate 57, two on the Bishop Ford Freeway, and one on the Kennedy Expressway.

State police in the Chicago area also investigating a 20th shooting, which occurred just off an expressway.


“I got shot in the back of the head. It was just a graze,” he said. “I’m still fresh off it, so it’s still surreal right now, but I’ll probably have headaches and stuff for the next couple of days,” says a 20 year-old male, who was with two others that remain in the hospital with non life threatening injuries, shot at 10 times Friday morning by a random vehicle on the Dan Ryan Expressway.

“All the violence is unnecessary and needs to be stopped,” the man with the graze wound said before he left the hospital with his mother.

Authorities are encouraging travelers to stay aware on the road and not pull over for any unmarked police cars.