Rich Homie Quan recently released his new song “Flex (Ooh, Ooh, Ooh),” but another one of his songs continue to spark controversy. Quan recently came under fire again because of another song with rape lyrics. After the first song leaked along with Young Thug’s songs awhile back, a second song with lyrics about rape surfaced and has outraged social media once again. Now the Atlanta native is offering a sincere apology. Will you forgive and forget? Sound off in the comments after the jump!

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Rich Homie Quan wants the world to know that he does not condone rape. The 25-year-old rapper spoke with Billboard about his new song “Flex (Ooh, Ooh, Ooh).” They also asked him about his new controversial song where he raps about threatening women with rape. He reiterated that he didn’t mean anything he said.

“I do not condone or promote rape,” said Quan. “I’m not a rapist.”

The first song “I Made It” contained the lyrics “Don’t want your ho, just want that cookie from her/She tried to resist so I took it from her/How you gonna tell me no/You must not know who I am.” In the second song in question “Day 1,” Quan’s lyrics are a bit more literal. “Mansion full of bitches, about to rape one,” he rapped. It’s unlikely that his fans have forgiven him for the first song. In light of the second one, he hopes that his fans will forgive him altogether.

“That song was recorded in December 2012,” he continued. “I was young and just rapping. At the time, I had no guidance in my life. I blame it on that. So I apologize once more to my fans.”